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What’s happening my name is Kyan and I am a Sagittarius. There’s a lot of things I want to talk about. I’m not looking for someone clingy. Meeting strangers at bars isn’t fun anymore. I can never get enough of hot blond girl s, love em. I’m not looking for anything really serious or too complicated.. That’s about it. If you want to talk some more. Just let me know.

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My name is Faye and I met a couple of people online already and I kind of like it. All my friends tell me I go out with nerds. I really like to take pictures of everything, it’s a kind of obsession. I could listen to Lady GaGa all day. My ex-boyfriend had money, but he never spent any time with me.. All right then:) see you soon.

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My name is Amanda and I’m new to town and want to meet people. My body is curvy and I’m cute and fun. I’m a total nerd and really into gaming whether it’s on the computer, PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. Really busy with work but looking for something casual with a sweet that will treat me right. I want to meet a artistic that is good looking, classy and loving.. Let’s talk online when we can.

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